Tutoring at EKU Manchester

EKU Manchester offers numerous tutoring options for students to choose from including two Student Success Studios.

1. Office 102-L
2. Learning Commons 202

Our students can access these labs anytime our campus is open to connect to other tutoring services offered at EKU Richmond. To set up a time, just ask one of our staff members or email us at Manchester@eku.edu.

1.  One-on-one Tutoring with the Math Department. Students may schedule one-on-one math tutoring by visiting the math tutoring page.

2.  Skype Tutoring. Wallace MSTC staff are available to tutor via Skype. Students may hookup via the username ekumath in one of the Manchester Skype labs.

3.  ITV Tutoring is available to students attending EKU’s extended campuses in one of our five ITV rooms, two mobile labs, or usting the Tandberg 1000 located in 102-L.


Need homework help? EKU GURUs are to help EKU students with just about anything.

Phone: (859) 622-2496
Facebook: C.k. Gurus
Skype: common_knowledge

Pre-Professional Programs

FaceTime:   Email Sharon.lee@eku.edu to set up.
SKYPE at:     ekupreprofessional

Clay County Adult Educatoin

Adult Education provides a variety of tutoring services for students who complete their sign up process.

Provided by: Clay County Adult Education
Located on 1st floor of the EKU Manchester Campus
Rooms 106, 107, & 108
ALL Academic Tutoring Services are FREE to EKU students

Math/Algebra Tutoring
English/Writing Tutoring
Reading Tutoring

For additional tutoring appointments with Clay County Adult Education call 598-8122.